Online File Backup

In a worst case scenario – what would you do if you lost vital information or data stored on your server, laptops or workstations?

You probably carry out periodic back ups, but when was the last time you actually tried to restore from one (replicating this worst case scenario)? Our guess is not recently, if at all!

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most of our clients hadn’t really considered how they would actually go about restoring their systems and accessing important information after a catastrophic failure or serious virus attack.

Online file backups offer you a safe, off site medium for storing all of your business critical data and information. These systems are extremely secure and well protected, and you can access your information from any device, any where. This added convenience is often the primary reason for businesses to consider ‘cloud’ based online storage. We have a range of packages available, from 5GB per month to unlimited storage.

We know you may be considering this option but aren’t sure how to go about it or are a little worried about security. We’re here to help. For FREE, unbiased advice about what is right for you, and your business, get in touch…