Home User Support, Virus Protection, Hardware and Software Sales, Laptop and PC Repairs in Yeovil, Somerset and the South West

We know IT can be a bit scary! We also understand how important your home computer or laptop is.

Online banking, picking up emails; even the kids homework – we take it for granted until it stops working.

At DP Solutions we have the knowledge, and expertise to repair your laptop or PC and get it fighting fit again. If your issues are software or virus related, we can deal with this for you too. And if all else fails, we supply new laptops and PCs built to the highest standards.

Have you thought about what would happen to those precious family pictures or important documents stored on your computer should it irrecoverably fail or suffer from a serious virus attack? We offer Cloud based online file backups so you can be confident that these irreplaceable files are safe and sound.

And for ultimate peace of mind – we can even offer you a home user support contract. Remote support to keep things running smoothly and avoid those frustrating IT problems for just a few pence a day.

For a friendly chat (without the geek speak!) just get in touch. We’d be happy to hear from you.