NHS cyber attack: Panda Adpative 360

May 15, 2017

To protect against advanced threats and targeted attacks we need to have a system that guarantees Data Confidentiality, Privacy of Information and Business Reputation, and Legacy.

Adaptive Defense 360 is the first and only cyber security service that combines the most effective traditional antivirus and the latest advanced protection with the capability of classifying all executed processes.

Adaptive Defensive 360 can detect malware and strange behaviors that other protection services cannot because it classifies all running and executed processes.

Thanks to that, it can ensure rotection against known malware and advanced Zero-Day Threats, Advanced Persistent Threats and Direct Attacks.

With Adaptive Defense 360, you will always know what happens to each of your files and processes.

Detailed graphs show everything that takes place on the network: timeline of threats, flow of information, how the active processes behave,how the malware entered the system, where it is going, who intended to do what and how they got that information, etc.

Adaptive Defense 360 makes it easy to discover and fix those vulnerabilities while also preventing the unwanted (like navigation bars, adware, add-ons…).

Adaptive efense 360: limitless visibility, absolute control.

Contact us today about getting a trial of Panda Adaptive 360 setup to help protect your Company and Files.