Avaya IP Office Release 10

August 30, 2016

IP Office Release 10

5 Characteristics you need to know

As you have heard, IP Office release 10 is around the corner, bringing new features and components to help us improve our telephony topology, by providing signaling security enhancements, new LDAP integration features, Windows 10, EXSi 6, and much more.

I broke down this post into five characteristics to help you dissect the content.

Here are the 5 characteristics=

  • 1.- Accessibility
  • 2.- Hardware
  • 3.- Security enhancements
  • 4.- Collaboration
  • 5.- Deployment

1.- Accessibility

IP Office release 10 has incorporated the new vSphere 6.0 (EXSi 6.0) Hypervisor to its lineup, which already included EXSi 5.0, 5.1, and 5.5 for the Linux-Virtualized SE. Expanding the Web-Manager application capabilities by incorporating LDAP  User-synchronization such as Login-Code, Voicemail passwords, Twinning information, as well as Hunt-Group membership characteristics.

2.- Hardware

IP500V2 CU, and IP Office for Linux with the DELL PowerEdge R630 and R220 are supported. For those utilizing the partner mode with ETR cards are also supported, although they might be end-of-sale by the end of this year.

IP Office release 10.0 and IP400 Modules Support – Analog 16, Digital Station Modules 30 and 16, Phone Version-2 16, and 30.

3.- Security enhancements

Prior to this release, TLS security was extended through the SM-Line/SIP-Line/SIP-Phones, now the IP Office running 10.0 is fully capable of providing a secure signaling transmission between H.323 end-points utilizing TLS certificate auto-negotiation between the IP Office and End-points.

4.- Collaboration

Avaya Communicator Web-app – IP Office release 10.0 comes with voicemail to G-Mail authentication through UMS. SSO has also been included to allow the auto-login to Office-365, Salesforce, and Google+. A Web-User license is not longer needed instead an Office-Worker or Power-User license is required.

H175 Video Collaboration – Video desk end-point that allows establishing secured communication via SRTP utilizing TLS certificates.

IPDECT 3745 – Supports bluetooth wireless handset, and with a color display.

Web-Collaboration Enhancement for=

  • WebRTC
  • Remote Desktop Control
  • Private Messaging
  • Trace log-enhancement
  • Web-App messaging

UC Clients – IP Office 10.0 included the capability of deleting scheduled conferences via the Administrator. The User can extend their conferences via the One-X Portal.

Skype for Business – It is also part of the Avaya Communicator for MS Lync.

911 and Emergency for Wireless and 3rd party Apps – a Location API has been integrated to the new IP Office 10.0.

API SDK with Devlink3 – Avaya is looking into working closely with Devconnect Partners by tweaking the DevLink.dll.

5.- Deployment

There are 5 types of the IP Office R10 deployment, Basic, Essential, Preferred, Server Edition, and Select.

Other features include=

  • Windows 10 support.
  • 32 MOH sources for SE
  • UCM improvements
  • Centralized licensing